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The Secrets of Earning Extra Income - the PINOY way!


                At this day of age, so many Filipinos are engaging in business already. Some people succeed and some fail.  There are so many things to consider first before you go into a business. First, you have to understand the basic needs of the people. Secondly, you have to consider the latest trend. And thirdly, you have to consider your investment and more importantly, the return of investment (ROI).  

                Because of the rampant upscale of poverty here in the Philippines, we are already in “Survival Mode”. That means we work double jobs, we think of other means how to earn extra income, sometimes people even steal just to survive. This is the reality.  And that is why so many Filipinos are venturing into business right now. Have you heard of an employee who had become a millionaire just by being an employee? No. In your jobs right now, can you tell me, are you saving? Or are you just surviving? Only the businessmen are the ones who really stand out in the food chain.

So many networking companies are popping everywhere like mushrooms. In Korea, the question is not, “are you in a networking company?” but, “what networking company are you in?” There are endless possibilities in networking. Before you open yourself to more income and more money, you first have to open your mind. Sometimes, being closed-minded is the greatest hindrance to your financial growth.

When choosing a Business, you first have to understand the basic needs of the people. In the past, there were 3 top needs of the people: Food, Shelter, and Clothing. But because of the fast emerging technology and the availability of cellphones to almost everyone, it was already changed. There was a fourth basic need that made its way to the top. Cellphone Load. Am I wrong? How many times in a day will you see someone’s texting or calling? How many text messages and calls you make in a day? You are one of those guilty of using and buying cellphone load. Sometimes, load is even more important than food. Right?


Now let us consider the latest trend. Even if cellphones are continuously being upgraded, they have one common denominator, that is, load. How can you use your phone if it does not have load? Filipinos like the easiest way to connect to other people. Texting and calling is one of them. It is one very BASIC and very important tool for everyone.

Right now, there are over 70 million cellphone users. And If each of them text about 20 to 50 text messages, you’ll have 900 million texts sent per day. That is the reason we are named as the Texting Capital in the whole world! Can you imagine the vast and boundless income the 3 big service providers get from those text messages? And what do we get? Minus 100 pesos in our wallet or maybe more.

Cellphones are a liability to us, Filipinos. In a month, how much do we spend for it? But because it has great use, we never really cared. If it let us to connect to our loved ones, friends, crush and officemates in an easy way, why not?

So basically, it is really obvious what is the most “practical” and most “in demand” business this 2011. You really want to know the secret? It’s simply the Loading Business. So if you want to be successful in business, Eloading is the one for you. It is very Pinoy in its nature because Filipinos love to text.

Eloading has been around for some time, but just last year, one promising Eloading Business was born. That is UNILOAD. Uniload is a very good business opportunity for everyone. It is legitimate and has license in SEC and Quezon City Mayor’s office.

In Uniload, you need only one cellphone and only one sim to load all service providers. Yes. Globe, Sun, Smart, TM, Red Mobile. Not only that. It is a one stop loading station for all prepaid cards you ever know. 356 eloading products to be exact. From cellphone prepaid cards to internet cards to gaming cards like MU, ragnarok, tantra, etc, you’ll have the freedom to load it all using your “current” sim card. No need to change.  They will just activate your current sim.

Not only that, you have the freedom to earn money in 5 ways:

1.    1. Selling of E-loads

2.    2. Retailers Signup

3.    3. 5% Commissions Override from Retailers

4.    4. Direct Referral Incentives

5.    5. Team Sales Bonus

The great difference of this business from other businesses, is that it has a very low and affordable capital. For as low as 3,988, you enjoy the benefits shown above. And what is your potential income?




                If you compare the 3,988 to the 30,000, you already made extra money. How much more if you make more than that? 900,000 per month? No jobs in the world can give you that, except if your a CEO or head of a company. Think of the many possibilities. 3,988 is worth it!

If your open-minded enough to open yourself to the countless earning opportunities that this business presents, good for you. This is a great way to start the New Year right. By registering to UNILOAD, you will have a very good year ahead of you.

This is a certified Pinoy Negosyo! Don’t be left out. If you are serious and ready to earn, contact me now. Our team in UNILOAD will accommodate you and help you reach your goal.

Contact me anytime! My name is Ervin Cerujano. Let's help each Filipino succeed and earn money. 

Cell #: 09062453311





Pinoy Negosyo! Swak sa BULSA ng bawat Pilipino!
Gusto mo malaman ang Sikreto?


Sawa ka na ba sa kakarampot na sweldo mo sa trabaho??
Nanghihinayang ka bang hindi mo mabili ang mga gusto mo??
Nangarap ka na bang yumaman at mabili ang mga gusto mo sa buhay???

Ako din!
Pero ako. Makulit ako. Naghanap ako ng ibang mapagkakakitaan.
Minsan nadin ako naging parte ng isang napakalaking Networking company.
Pero sobrang hirap. Kelangan mo igugol ang madaming oras bago ka
magsimulang kumita nang malaki.
Eh paano kapag may ibang trabaho ka pa??
Hindi ka yayaman nyan.. magkakasaket!
Sa sobrang paghahanap ko,  ito ang nadiscover ko!

May isang business na sobrang swak sa mga Pinoy!
Bakit ko nasabi yun? Kung seryoso ka na gusto mo yumaman, Makinig ka.
Tanggalin mo mga pagdududa mo dahil hindi kita peperahan.

Ngayon panahong ito, ano sa tingen mo ang uso??
Pagkaen. TAMA
Bahay/Condo. TAMA
Damit. TAMA
Makeup/Mga Pampaganda. TAMA
Load?? TAMA!

Ano dito ang kayang iafford ng bawat Pilipino??
Pagkaen. Oo! Pero hindi lahat marunong magluto diba?
Bahay? Negative! Karamihan nga ng tao dito sa Pilipinas walang permanenteng bahay.
Damit. Oo! Pero kelangan alam mo ang trend pag nagbebenta ka. Diba?
Makeup? Pwede! Pero masyado namang mahal. Minsan tuloy mahirap ibenta.
Kung magaling ka magbenta, go lang.
Eh Load??? Pwedeng pwede!!! Baket?


Makinig Mabuti!
 Sa isang araw, ilang tao nakikita mo nagtetext? Tumatawag?
Kahit sino ka man, bata, matanda, mayaman o mahirap
Halos lahat gumagamit ng cellphone!
Tingen nyo.. ano ngayon ang patok na business sa panahong ito??
Ito ang swak na business para sa bawat Pilipino!
Sa puntong ito.. Mag-isip ka na!
Gusto mong maging DUKHA o gusto mong maging MAYAMAN???
Palawakin mo ang isip mo dahil ito ang sagot sa kahirapan!

> > > > U N I L O A D < < < <

Ano ba ito??
Ang Uniload ay napakagandang business opportunity para sa Pilipino. Hindi ito scam. Legitimate business ito at rehistrado pa sa SEC at mayroong Mayor’s Permit ng Quezon City.

Paano ka kikita??

  1. Pagbebenta ng load
  1. Retailers Signup
  1. 5% Commissions mula sa mga Retailers
  1. “Direct Referral Incentives”
  1. “Team Sales Bonus”


Potential income!
30,000 pesos / day
210,000 pesos / week
900,000 pesos / month

Inuulit ko. This is a business. Hindi Pyramid. Hindi Scam.
Kung magbbusiness ka.. kelangan ng investment.
Dito sa UNILOAD, ang kelangan mo lang ilabas na kapital ay P3,988
 3,988   TO   900,000
Kung ikukumpara mo ang investment mo sa potential income
Magdadalawang-isip ka pa ba??

Tignan mo ang malaking kinaibahan sa ibang loading business. 
  • Hindi pa ito lahat ng benefits na makukuha mo!
  • Tignan naten isaisa ang mga paraan para ikaw ay kumita sa business na ito.

  1. Pagbebenta ng load

  • Sa isang cellphone, sa isang sim.. pwede ka magload ng iba’t ibang eLoad variants! Hindi lang Globe, Smart or Sun! Lahat ng prepaid cards na naiisip mo!

2. Retailers Signup

  • Retailers ay ang mga taong pwedeng magbenta ng load para sayo. Pwedeng tindera o may-ari ng barber shop o kapitbahay mo. Para makapagregister sila, they have to pay you 200 pesos. Sa traditional Eload system, mahigit 9,000 ang gagastusin mo just to be a retailer. Dito sa UNILOAD, 200 pesos lang.

3. 5% Commissions mula sa mga Retailers

  • Maliit lang ito, pero ang perang makukuha mo dito ay nakukuha mo kahit wala ka ginagawa. Kahit na iba ang nagttrabaho para sayo, kumikita ka padin.

4. “Direct Referral Incentives”

  • Pag nagging Dealer ka, at nakahanp ka ng mga taong gusting sumali sa business mo, 500 pesos per person kaagad.

5. “Team Sales Bonus” 

  • Pag mas madaming tao ang mailagay mo sa team mo mas malaki ang kikitain mo!


O mga kaibigan???
Hindi ba sulit???
Kung binuksan nyo mga isip nyo, malalaman nyo na sobrang ok itong business na to para sa inyo!
Wag ka nang pahuli!
Mula nang nalaunch ang business na toh marami na ang sumali at nagtake advantage sa malaking opportunity na ito.
Matagal din ako naghanap ng tunay na mapagkakakitaan.
Ito ang masasabi kong PINAKA-DABEST!
Simple. Madaling Maintindihan ng lahat. Affordable investment. Patok sa industry
At nationwide pa!^-^
Masasabi kong swak na swak sa mga Pinoy!:)

Kung gusto mo sumali sa team namin at umunlad ang buhay mo.
Cheers for you!^-^ Our team is always open to accommodate you!
Sa team namin, tulungan kami para umasenso ang isa’t-isa!
Walang mayabang, masungit, at gahaman!

Contact me:
Name: Ervin Cerujano
currently an R.N. :)


 "The only thing that's stopping you from being successful is yourself..Go Fly"